2012 Festival

This year we take a look at the astounding plethora of ways to move in NYC – taking subways, buses, trains, bikes, taxicabs, cars, boats, ferries, planes, by running, by dancing, by swimming and more.  Despite the impressive breadth of ways to navigate the city, there are many things to improve upon and alternatives to explore –  accessibility,  adventure, unexpected usages, policy, aesthetics and more.

On Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st 2012, CONFLUX will present artists, activists, interaction designers, and pranksters who are exploring the ways we experience transportation and creating interventions to improve, shake up, or evaluate the things that we have implicitly accepted into our daily commutes.

The festival will take the form of an exhibition and artist talks at NYU along with concurrent phenomena elsewhere. Work in the exhibition will range in temperament and intention – from practical and functional to poetic and absurd. Think: handmade boats navigating the waters surrounding New York City,  mythological topographies, a “magical” bus tour of suburban New Jersey (which included a visit to the basement couch where the facilitator lost his virginity), subway improvement gestures, and much more.

Employing everyday transportation as media for creating emerging narratives, projects presented at Conflux hope to inspire new creative modes of experiential transit.