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Robert Lawrence and his project Tango Intervention is both a highlight from a past Conflux Festival and also a participating project in this year’s festival exhibition.  During the 2008 edition of Conflux, Lawrence assembled over 40 dancers to Tango across the Brooklyn Bridge, stopping for a one hour milonga at the Brooklyn Tower and another one hour milonga at the Manhattan Tower. He describes the project as a dedication to the invisible laborers that built the bridge during the “Gilded Age.”  More information on this project can be found here.



During the 2007 Conflux Festival, participants were invited to take part in the “Top Secret Steve Lambert Project.”

This top secret project ended up being titled “Ronald’s Crisis” and brought Conflux visitors and other co-conspirators together to shut down all 85 McDonald’s stores across Manhattan.  Steve Lambert’s collaborators posted “CLOSED FOR EVALUATION” signs on the doors and windows of every McDonald’s in Manhattan.  A public statement was made by a very apologetic Ronald McDonald during a press conference in Union Square which followed.

Check out the video footage courtesy of Steve Lambert.

Highlights from CONFLUX 2009!

Hi again!

As we get ready for the upcoming Conflux Festival happening October 20th and 21st – we thought it would be a great idea to dig through the archives and share some of the highlights from past festivals, in edition to some of the new projects and new participants we are including this year.  Though it’s not the most recent iteration of the festival, we wanted to start by sharing this particular highlight video from the 2009 edition of Conflux, which we thought really explained the feel of the festival and a bit of its history.