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What are you working on now and how does the piece in Conflux relate? Recently, I’ve been writing a lot of music. Or rather, I’ve been using musical structures to listen to data that I’ve gathered as I move about the city. I’m interested in how we understand data and what its relationship is to actual embodied experience. That’s a theme that’s definitely reflected in the Joyride piece; a mobile phone, an individual, LA, Google, and this list of lat/longs dance around each other leaving traces but never quite coalescing into a definitive story. I’m hoping sound and performance might be another way to play in the middle of all that, especially in regard to how we relate to time and our daily rhythms. I’m also hoping to further develop the OpenPaths platform to facilitate other artists who work with geolocation.

What interests you in working in public space? what are some of the challenges you face making public work? My work involves things that move — spatially, temporally, and through those liminal zones between public and private activity. What kinds of politics do you create with those movements? What role does serendipity play? Can you ‘compose’ and ‘interpret’ your everyday behavior? How is it represented, and how do those representations work recursively to create behavior? Questions like these are experiments that take place with the world and which inevitably comprise the process and challenges of a subject that doesn’t sit still.

Any great adventures you’ve been on recently? I’m spending most of my time now in Providence, after having NYC as a base for 14 years. That is an adventure! It’s a whole new set of rhythms to wake up to.

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What are you working on now and how does the piece in Conflux relate?

Free Bouncy Rides started in 2009 as an independent, public performance. In retrospect, it used spectacle and repetition to achieve notoriety through word of mouth and blog coverage. Most of my performance work that followed did the same. Now in 2012 it was time for a change. Wolfie, my current project, rejected spectacle even though it is also a masked, outlandish character. It did this by denying my audience any pictures or videos of the project whatsoever and denying traditional press/blog “ride-a-long” coverage which before had been the traditional dispersion of my work. I’ve only provided an eye witness written account. Why? Because I’m interested in how my audience can fill in the blanks with their imagination rather than being spoon-fed a brightly colored image. Will they follow? Will they imagine? Is the project still compelling? Will the blogs who loved my spectacles in the past, love my non-spectacle? So far, the answer is no. After over a month of Wolfie, I have concluded that without spectacle, Wolfie gets no press even though it is the same type of project I have always done just without a picture or video! Even a close artist friend last night, when asked how he would have done Wolfie differently, described a character who is all spectacle.

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Off-Site Project: Signup Announcement! Yoni Brook’s Mailman Walks

Yoni Brook is conducting an off-site project at the same time as Conflux this year! We are pleased to announce that 13 individuals will have the opportunity to join the artist on an intimate walk at a currently undisclosed location. How do you participate? Here are the details from Yoni Brook:

Mailman Walks is a live documentary workshop. The audience will walk with a mailman delivering mail and explore his route through personal stories. Therefore RSVPs for the 13 audience slots are required.

To RSVP, email
Time: Saturday, October 20. 11AM in Richmond Hill, Queens. Workshop ends at ~1:30pm.
Precise subway-accessible meeting location will be provided in confirmation email.


What are you working on now and how does the piece in Conflux relate? 

The work I’m showing at CONFLUX are videos from the [borders] series. I love CONFLUX. It is the first and the best festival of media.

Any great adventures you’ve been on recently?

In Finland I was recently guest of honor at a dinner filled with LARPers (Live Action Role Playing gamers). Just before CONFLUX I’ll be hanging out with the digerati at IndieCade, the largest festival of independent game makers, held each year in LA. And I’ll be off to Salzburg after CONFLUX to be faculty at the Salzburg Global Seminars for world peace. So, yes, many adventures!

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Upcoming Performance by Art404 at Conflux!

As we count down to the opening of the Conflux Festival 2012, we’re very excited to announce that we’ll be presenting a project this year happening simultaneously offsite in Miami and inside our base at NYU’s Barney Building Gallery in New York City!

As part of the 2012 Conflux Festival, the new media duo Art404 will be performing 1 Man 1 Phone, an ongoing performance set to begin with the start of the Festival on Saturday, October 20th. As the festival launches, Manuel Palou of Art404 will begin a new life as partner Moises Sanabria curates how it is received by the audience at NYU.  Palou will be activating a new smart phone with a new number and charging it to 100%, at which point he will leave his home in Miami with nothing but the clothes on his back and a phone charger. Using a new Twitter account, he will attempt to receive meals, housing and entertainment strictly by contacting local people in the Miami area through the social media service. Palou will not contact any previously known contacts except his partner in New York until the end of the performance. The performance will continue until Palou’s battery dies naturally, or he chooses to let his battery die.

We hope that you’ll follow the performance starting 12pm October 20th at

8 days until Conflux!!