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As we start finalizing our participating artist list, I will be posting participants’ past projects and projects that will be included in this year’s Conflux Festival!

I wanted to start with Marie Lorenz’s ongoing project The Tide and Current Taxi.  For many cultural producers it is often difficult to keep projects going for more than the length of time from production to exhibition, but Marie has been operating the taxi since 2005 and exploring the waterways in boats that she has designed and built since 2002! Most New Yorkers do not consider the NYC waterways as a viable mode of transport.  I admire Marie’s dedication to making New York new again, as she facilitates explorations of the city from an under-examined perspective: the water.

The Tide and Current Taxi is a rowboat water taxi in the New York Harbor, operated by the artist Marie Lorenz. Each trip is planned to coincide with strong tidal currents in the harbor. To learn more about the project and see lots of documentation, check out The Tide and Current Taxi’s website.

CONFLUX is back in action!

We’re excited to announce that CONFLUX is returning again this year! Directors Christina Ray and David Mandl and Curatorial Director David Darts have invited Angela Washko to curate this year’s festival. Searching through CONFLUX’s rich archives, Washko found a number of recurrent themes and became especially interested in the number of past participants’ interventions on transportation methods.  Stay tuned to this website- we will be posting some past CONFLUX documentation and highlighting works by this year’s participants as we gear up for the upcoming festival!

This year the CONFLUX crew looks forward to presenting a look at the astounding plethora of ways to move in NYC– taking subways, buses, trains, bikes, taxicabs, cars, boats, ferries, planes, by running, by dancing, by swimming and more.  Despite the impressive breadth of ways to navigate the city, there are many things to improve upon and alternatives to explore –  accessibility,  adventure, unexpected usages, policy, aesthetics and more. On Saturday October 20th and Sunday October 21st 2012, CONFLUX will present artists, activists, interaction designers, and pranksters who are exploring the ways we experience transportation and creating interventions to improve, shake up, or evaluate the things that we have implicitly accepted into our daily commutes. The festival will take the form of an exhibition and artist talks at NYU along with concurrent phenomena elsewhere. Work in the exhibition will range in temperament and intention – from practical and functional to poetic and absurd. Think: plays in the New York subway system,  mythological topographies, a “magical” bus tour of suburban New Jersey (which included a visit to the basement couch where the facilitator lost his virginity), subway improvement gestures, and much more. Employing everyday transportation as media for creating emerging narratives, projects presented at Conflux are expected to inspire new creative modes of experiential transit.

A full schedule of events and participant list is coming soon!

About CONFLUX 2012 Curator Angela Washko:
Angela Washko is an independent curator devoted to mobilizing communities and an artist creating actions, interventions, videos, and performances (sometimes in video games!).  She is the Assistant Director of Habitable Spaces in Sequin Texas, and a long-term artist-in-residence at Flux Factory in Queens.  Her recent projects include the founding of The Council on Gender Sensitivity and Behavioral Awareness In World of Warcraft – earning her the Terminal Award and Grant, an upcoming fellowship and residency at HIAP in Helsinki Finland, and a solo exhibition at Austin Peay State University.  Washko has recently curated Deconstructing the Habit, and HABIT: A Video Festival at Spattered Columns in SoHo as well as Collaborative Means at The Congress of Collectives, Why Participate?  at Flux Factory, and the series Expert Oddities at venues in NYC and Troy, NY.  Her projects have been written about by Hyperallergic, Rhizome, the New York Times and more.

Highlights from CONFLUX 2009!

Hi again!

As we get ready for the upcoming Conflux Festival happening October 20th and 21st – we thought it would be a great idea to dig through the archives and share some of the highlights from past festivals, in edition to some of the new projects and new participants we are including this year.  Though it’s not the most recent iteration of the festival, we wanted to start by sharing this particular highlight video from the 2009 edition of Conflux, which we thought really explained the feel of the festival and a bit of its history.