Analogous mappings of movement and scale are taken to incredibly unusual and personal realms in works by Emily Bunker.  Conflux is excited to be including documentation of a mapping project Bunker completed in 2009 in this year’s festival.  During a residency in Troy, NY – Emily Bunker left her studio to conduct experiments in abandoned baseball fields nearby.  She followed the travel patterns of insects by employing bright yarn to signify their movements.

During the same time period she mapped her own movements in her studio using the same strategies – ultimately making her workspace practically unusable.

In a field that is often dominated by slick, impeccably engineered, high-tech data visualization projects, Bunker focuses on human perception of movement in space and the physicality of the seemingly futile gesture of attempting to document it ephemerally. Also in line with her desire to create analogous, personal ways of mapping data – Emily Bunker previously covered herself in red clay slip  while sleeping on a bed of white clay overnight creating what she calls “a tactile cartography of sleep.”

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