As we start finalizing our participating artist list, I will be posting participants’ past projects and projects that will be included in this year’s Conflux Festival!

I wanted to start with Marie Lorenz’s ongoing project The Tide and Current Taxi.  For many cultural producers it is often difficult to keep projects going for more than the length of time from production to exhibition, but Marie has been operating the taxi since 2005 and exploring the waterways in boats that she has designed and built since 2002! Most New Yorkers do not consider the NYC waterways as a viable mode of transport.  I admire Marie’s dedication to making New York new again, as she facilitates explorations of the city from an under-examined perspective: the water.

The Tide and Current Taxi is a rowboat water taxi in the New York Harbor, operated by the artist Marie Lorenz. Each trip is planned to coincide with strong tidal currents in the harbor. To learn more about the project and see lots of documentation, check out The Tide and Current Taxi’s website.

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